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Our Programs

- Dance Movement Therapy

- Music Lessons

- Boxing

- Football

- Arts and Crafts


Ukelele Lessons

We use music and rhythm to hijack the childrens attention and teach them a valuable skill that they can use in their futures.


Street kids are commonly known for violence and their unruly behavior, through boxing lessons they learn how to properly use and control their feelings, release some steam, and find the proper context for physical agression.


The kids in our projects enjoy outdoor trips too different places. On this particular day, we visited a centre teaching the principles of permaculture and highlighting the importance of a good diet.

Packing 40 unruly kids in three vehicles is no easy task, but well worth the time and investment.

The memories stay imprinted in them long after the excursions come to an end.

our own school in the center

We noticed that many children expressed a desire to attend school, but without a safe place to stay, making this possible seemed impossible. Therefore, we established our own school within our downtown center. Volunteers conduct lessons every morning, and it is has been a great success.

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