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The Women`s home

When we arrived in Malawi last year (2023), we noticed that some of the street children at our centre had the desire to escape street life.

Girls aged 12 and over are particularly at risk because they often become pregnant after they got raped.

One girl, who had just turned 17, gave birth to her son. There were complications during childbirth, making it even more dangerous for her to return to the streets. We took her into our home.

Additionally, a 10-year-old girl, born and raised on the streets, asked us to take her in.

This is how we started our women's shelter in our home.

These girls have experienced many emotional wounds and are already struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.


It's also beneficial to fill the girls' day with various activities:
Painting, Crafting, Sewing, Gardening, Learning a trade .

The younger girls continue to attend school and can engage in crafting or painting in the afternoons.
The older girls learning skills so they can start their own businesses.

The girls specialize in a craft so they can sell their products at a market. Currently, we have two stands at different markets and sell handmade doormats, crocheted keychains, and bead figures.

Another business we are establishing is a company for customized children's parties. Birthdays are celebrated big here in Malawi. Our girls are learning to do children's makeup, make balloon figures, and facilitate games for children's birthdays. They are booked for events and thus generate a small income.


Our mission is to show them love and help them develop. We strive to treat them with kindness and trust. If these children desire change, we want to assist them in achieving it. But most importantly, we aim to provide them with a nurturing environment. We believe that it takes small steps first to embark on a journey to a better future. In the process of transformation, it's crucial to establish a close connection with each child as a unique individual.

The women`s home is just a transition place and we don`t want to keep the girls permanently in our house.
We help them to integrate back in a normal life, we give them the opportunity to attend in the school or we teach them skills so they can start their own businesses. Once they are ready, they should go their own way.

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