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The Center

Gulugufe is the name of our center, it means butterfly in Chichewa.

The transformation of a butterfly through metamorphosis symbolizes the rebirth and a start into a beautiful new life.

This is our great hope for the streetkids!!!!

Most of the street kids are considered the “scum” and aren’t given any opportunity to shine. Most of these children think their identity is stealing and aggressive behaviour.

The parents were street children and they grew up on the street and now they are pregnant or have another small child. These little children are the third generation and we want to take them off the street. We want to break this chain!


The goal of our program is to free the children from their paralyzing situation in life. They must not continue to believe that they are worth nothing and can achieve nothing. We want to show them that there are ways to start over: in education, at work, and through other occupations. The main goal is to find loving foster parents in whose care they will receive encouragement like they have never experienced before.

Future Ideas

We have acquired a piece of land 30 kilometers out of Lilongwe, we have the idea to create a perma-garden to get the street kids of the street and into fulfilling permaculture internships, learning and growing together. The land would also serve as a rehabilitation centre to keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

We are looking forward to put them in an environment where they can encounter their true selves, and have beautiful heart transformations.

We want to create a garden with the piece of land where they can work and learn. We want to put them in a different environment and take them step by step off the street. A slow preparation for a new start.

  • Long-term and sustainable construction of a homestead without the risk of sudden eviction.
  • Building up of an efficient kitchen to continuously prepare healthy and warm meals
  • Enough space for activities and participation of all children in the program
  • Safe sleeping places for the children
  • Self-cultivation of vegetables in the sense of self-sufficiency
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