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How to Donate

Our projects are funded by the generosity of people around the world and we can't do it without you.

Money empowers us to be able reach more people in more ways and with more regularity.

We are in collaboration with a Swiss based Non-Profit Organisation called Verein Hope Bern,

for tax-deductible donations please contact:

1.      Bankacc: IBAN CH59 0630 0505 0249 8267 0

        Daniel Novotny
        Dorfplatz 14
        Zumikon 8126

2.      Paypal :

3.      Patreon: The I-Heart Project is creating light in darkness |

4..      Crypto address:  see QR- Code below

Our current needs

Gulugufe center
needs small monthly amounts

for two times feeding and activites per week and daily school lessons we need monthly

+/- 500 USD per month

update: 19.03.2024

women`s home

For food, daily needs, rent and activities we need monthly

+/- 600 USD

update: 19.03.2024

Land on Malawi
we want to start farming

We would like to start planting corn, peanuts and more on our land before the rainy season, so that we can support the feeding for the street children with our own resources.
And start a little building project with compost toilet, water reservoirs and fishpond for farming.

+/- 3000 USD

update: 19.03.2024