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Child sponsorships

Sponsorship program

We want to get as many kids and young adults as we can; off the streets, into loving foster families, into healthy educational rhythms, and essentially believing in themselves and living productive powerful lives.

One thing that we are currently lacking is proper long term financial commitment to empower them not only for a few months, but untill they have graduated and/or been properly rehabilitated .

If you would like to become a part of our sponsorship program and support one of our rehabilitating street kids to get through school, have a safe place to live etc. please get in contact with us! This type off sponsorship is normally for several years, with a minimum of one year commitment.

email us we look forward to hearing from you !


I'm now 21yrs old. I'm a former street kid and I have lived on the street for over 5 yrs. My father died when I was young and my mother has been changing partners since. Home was not a welcoming environment for me and my siblings most of them ended up on the streets. I met Mr. Peter Kachapila after he had taken in my brother. My brother ran away back into the streets and I could stay with Peter since then. Peter made it possible for me to attend school, but now to finish the secondary school I need financial support.


I'm 21 yrs old. I run away from home and lived as a Streetkid in Lilongwe. I met Peter Kachapila and showed him so much will to break out of the street life, that he gave me the opportunity to start training in the Agriculture Training Farm. I'm now here for more than a year and I learned a lot and I'm on my road to recovery from all my past. Soon I will be finish with my Training here and I need some financial support for my next steps.