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The Project

In 2021, We founded the garden project “Antomwe” in Zambia.

And expanded the I-heart project, creating a branch in Livingstone Zambia.

Antomwe means “together” in tonga, one of the many languages of Zambia

During our time here in Zambia we lived in the middle of the bush, in a village called Mandia. We were able to experience village life first hand and noticed that most people have to get through the day with nothing to do. This village, like many others, suffers from severe alcoholism extending through 3 generations, It is also very difficult to get people to perform at their best, because if someone does too well, the envy of others tries to bring them down.

That’s why the inspiration came to us to start a community garden.

The vision is to build a sustainable cooperative garden where the local indigenous community can benefit from permaculture education, construction, planting, woodwork, etc. The idea is to create an incentive where they feel responsible to donate energy and learn new skills. To create a garden together, from which they can then share the harvest and take it home. It also aims to bridge the gap between young and old, black and white, local and foreign.

Solar dryer

When we arrived in Zambia, all the trees were full of mangos. We had to watch an incredible amount of mangos rotting and that’s when we had the idea to make a mango dryer. One of the boys has learned carpentry and has created in a very short time a beautiful solar dryer.

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