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Bringing up-coming generations into a journey of transformation.


In 2019, the I-Heart Project was born, Daniel flew to Lilongwe, Malawi, and met Peter a local Malawian.

In no time they were roaming the streets of Lilongwe as a team to help children at risk and the most vulnerable.

Peter and his wife have a heart for children at risk and together continue to reach out, handing them numerous opportunities for change.


We are reaching out to kids at risk and we believe every child deserves the chance for a bright future.  We aim to empower and educate children through our active and creative programs.

The I-Heart project started on the streets of the ghetto of Lilongwe in Malawi. With a group of inspired volunteers, we walked the streets. We asked ourselves what the need was. How can we help the children in particular and contribute to a sustainable change in their lives? From this – carried by the vision of the I-Heart – our project was born. The basic idea: I love you, I know who you are. Let’s see change. We believe in you.

In particular, our work is intended to strengthen the position of children in their environment.

Growing up without parents and without security, these children are hungry and afraid. Many have to spend the night on the streets. Rape rates are high, injury rates are increasing, and violence against women is on the rise. Many children are forced to engage in degrading activities to ensure their survival.

During the last two years we have been able to develop health care for the project with weekly food deliveries, weekly meetings in the city center. Through the means of music, art and sports, we have become close to many hurting people. The demand among the homeless children is increasing.

In 2022 we rented and completely renovated a new place in the Lilongwe Ghetto where we have daily interactions reaching out to the them.